Policies & Procedures For Clients

* On your first visit to Anchor Massage Therapy, we ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment, to fill out Medical History and Health Insurance Authorization forms. Please call us if arriving late.

* For assessment purposes, please wear something loose and comfortable. During treatment, you will be lying on the massage table, and you will be draped such that only the body area that we are treating is exposed. Following the massage treatment, your body will be doing some important rebalancing, so we recommend that you drink plenty of water and allow for some rest time. Your Registered Massage Therapist will be discussing your condition with you and advising you on how to continue to improve. We welcome your questions at any time.

Understanding Scope Of Practice

* In an effort to be and to remain as transparent as possible about what you may expect in receiving treatment from your Registered Massage Therapist, Anchor Massage Therapy has included herein our Scope of Practice details:

  1. Assess clients’ soft tissue condition, joint quality and function, muscle strength, and range of motion.
  2. Confer with clients about their medical histories and any problems with stress and/or pain, in order to determine whether massage would be helpful.
  3. Develop and propose client treatment plans.
  4. Massage and knead the muscles and soft tissues of the human body, in order to provide courses of treatment for medical conditions and injuries, or for wellness maintenance.
  5. Prepare and blend oils, and apply the blends to the clients’ skin.
  6. Consult with other healthcare professionals, to develop treatment plans for clients.
  7. Maintain treatment records.
  8. Provide clients with guidance and information about techniques for postural improvement, and exercises for stretching, strengthening, relaxation, and rehabilitation.

Benefits Of Massage Therapy

* Massage therapy decreases pain, muscle spasm, inflammation, and healing time.

* Massage therapy increases range of motion and flexibility.

* Massage therapy is an effective stress-reduction therapy.

Booking Appointments

* Massage therapy appointments may be booked directly online via our website (see bottom of page) or your smart-device/phone via the MindBody App, by telephoning and speaking to our Reception Staff, or via email at info@anchormassage.ca .

Cancelling Appointments

* If you need to cancel a scheduled massage therapy appointment, please provide at least 24-hours’ notice, so that we may offer your reserved time slot to another client. Please be advised that if you do not cancel at least 24 hours ahead of your scheduled appointment, a 50% Cancellation Fee will be processed.

Arriving Late To Appointments

* The scheduled duration of your appointment is important for you to receive optimum benefit from your treatment, and allows your therapist the time in which to provide it. Please be on time. If you are late, it is at the RMT’s discretion if and/or how to proceed. Please call us if arriving late.

In Case Of Illness

* Clients and massage therapists alike are vulnerable to infections; therefore, we ask clients to cancel appointments when feeling unwell. If you have any of the following contagious illnesses and/or symptoms, please inform us and your appointment will be rescheduled:

– fever, vomiting, diarrhea, the common cold, influenza, chicken pox, measles, meningitis, hepatitis A, conjunctivitis (pink eye), rubella, impetigo, head lice, meningococcal disease, polio, ringworm, scabies, thrush, or whooping cough.

Insurance & Direct Billing

* To use our direct-billing services, we require coverage verification from your Extended Health Care provider.  Insurance companies are closed evenings and weekends therefor we ask that you provide us with your information ahead of time on the weekdays prior to your appointment. Otherwise we will be unable to direct-bill on your behalf. Blue Cross is the only exception.

* Please note: Credit card information must be provided to use our direct-billing services. This information is stored to PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards), and is used to ensure that treatment is paid should the insurance company deny claim.

Client Confidentiality

* Registered Massage Therapists in the Province of Manitoba practice in compliance with the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) in Canada, and are trustees of your healthcare details. As such, all personal information and conversations in treatment rooms are held in the strictest of confidence.

Hygiene And Sanitation

* The Anchor Massage Therapy clinic is a medical treatment facility; therefore, all work surfaces are cleaned and disinfected daily. All linens are freshly laundered, and are changed between every client. RMTs regularly wash their hands before as well as after treatments.

Professional And Client Boundaries

* Anchor Massage Therapy RMTs & Staff understand, respect, and adhere to all personal and professional boundary limits.

Client Concerns/Complaints

* Anchor Massage Therapy maintains a comprehensive policy in regard to client complaints, concerns, or discontent. This policy is to ensure our clients feel safe, secure, well looked after, and always leave our care happy. The RMT or Staff member will complete an incident/complaint form and place it in the client’s file, and inform Management. Management will then follow up with a telephone call or email. The goal is to arrive at a solution to the problem together.